Friday, April 19, 2013

POTUS Tells Reporters "American People Will Not Be Terrorized"

President Barack Obama told reporters yesterday that the American people will refuse to be terrorized. The President is leading a massive national effort to find and bring to justice the people who were involved in a terrorist explosion in Boston a few days ago. I believe it is just a matter of time before FBI and local law enforcement in Boston make an arrest in this case.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

President Wants To Avoid Sequester In Budget Battle

President Barack Obama wants to avoid the deep spending cuts that will be forced on the federal budget, if Republicans and Democrats cannot reach agreement. POTUS wants to have equal spending cuts and tax increases, while most GOP Members of Congress want only spending cuts. Will the two sides compromise? Time will tell. However, if past results are any predictor of future success. There will be little to no compromise forthcoming.

Will Killing Americans Bring Down President Obama?

I know most people who support President Obama don't want to talk about his killing of American citizens around the world, who he believes are terrorist. We all know President Bush killed terrorist using military drones. However, President Obama is using them more than he and many of his targets are American citizens living abroad.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

President Supports Immigration Reform In Las Vegas Speech

POTUS Obama showed up in Las Vegas today to offer his support, in a speech, for a new law to create comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. The President put Democrats and Republicans on notice that if they do not act on this legislation, they will have to deal with his proposal.

President Proposes Additional US Aid For Syrian People

POTUS Obama announced today that his administration is prepared to start giving more aid to the Syrian people who have been decimated by more than a year of civil war. It's hard to watch the videos and pictures coming out of Syria, daily.

Civil Immigration Reform Debate Needed

Earlier today I listened to Senator's John McCain and Lindsay Graham talk on television about the compromise they worked out with democrats in the United States Senate to move comprehensive immigration reform forward. Like many of you, I've waited years for lawmakers in Washington, DC to step forward and do the right thing when it comes to this issue. However, time and time again extremists on both the far left and the far right find ways to turn certain victory into defeat. I certainly hope that does not happen again.

What too many people forget when debating this hot issue is that real people are on the other end of the decisions that are made and not made surrounding immigration. What I dislike the most is the tone of the conversation from some on the far right who seemed to take glee in their despicable descriptions of human beings who have come to America looking for a better life. If I have heard it once I have heard it a thousands times during debates about immigration reform. First, extreme conservatives claim to be ready to discuss immigration reform when total boarder control has been achieved. Does anyone think that total border control will ever really be achieved? I think not and I think that is what they are counting on.

I certainly hope there will be a civil discussion this time around when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform. However, I will not hold my breath.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Law Enforcement Leaders Visit The White House

Law enforcement heads from around the country visited the White House today. Their visit was mainly political to help President Obama and Vice-President Biden spread their message that more gun control is supported by police officers.

While some believe more gun control will easily pass in Congress, I do not agree with that assessment. Millions of Americans are not going to give up their firearms easily and I hope the President has not set himself up for failure on this issue.

Photo Of Miami Heat At Obama White House

President Barack Obama honored the NBA champion Miami Heat at the White House today. After some good will jabs from the President toward James, Wade and others - the team stood tall to take a group picture with the President.

Folks in Miami should be very proud of their team.

Gang Of 8 Senators Reach Deal On Immigration Reform

It would appear that comprehensive immigration reform is drawing near in the U.S. Senate. On Sunday, GOP Senator John McCain announce that a "gang of 8 Senators" had reached an agreement on the framework to finally pass meaningful immigration reform.

That said, everyone needs to stay focused on the U.S. House of Representatives - because their action or lack there of will decide whether an immigration deal is signed by President Obama. I believe the GOP is ready to deal on immigration, but I have learned the hard way not to take anything for granted in Washington.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clinton Or Biden In 2016 Speculation Abounds?

People who love to talk about politics are already starting the 2016 presidential campaign even though POTUS Obama is only one week into his second term. There are big democratic supporters ready, willing, and able to step forward with money to help big named potential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

If it were up to me, I would outlaw all talk of the next race for President until two years before the next election. I think we all need a break from presidential politics. That said, there is no law forbidding it - so I will keep writing about it too!

President Runs With Kids At The White House

While reading the White House blog this weekend, I noticed a neat picture that showed President Obama running with some kids. It turns out the kids belong to the new White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

Some people believe President Obama does not relate well with others. Simply put, his personality is more akin to a college professor than a fun loving party guy. Maybe the President's advisors should take more pictures of him clowning around like the one above.

Has Hillary Clinton Been Anointed The Next President?

Long time supporters of Hillary Clinton took to the airwaves this weekend to proclaim that the soon to be former Secretary of State would be the next POTUS if she wants the job. All of this talk about Hillary in 2016 began when President Obama decided to sit down for a two person interview with her on "60 Minutes" tonight.

I personally think that Joe Biden is the leading candidate for the democratic nomination in 2016. Last time Hillary ran for President, there turned out to be more hype than voters when it came Election Day.

Liberal v Conservative Values In 2013

After President Obama took the oath of office last week, he started the nation on a course of a more liberal nature than at anytime in the past 50-years. The battle lines have been drawn between conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and liberals in the U.S. Senate and the White House.

Right now, the conservative movement is damaged badly - because of stupid comments during the elections of 2012. However, it would be wise for liberals to not become too arrogant in the belief that President Obama will be able to enact all of the stuff he talked about in his inauguration speech.

Mary Jo White & Richard Cordray Nominated

The President took to the airwaves this weekend to bring attention and support to two of his new nominees for high government positions. President Obama nominated Mary Jo White to head the Securities & Exchange Commission along with Richard Cordray to remain as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Both White and Cordray have severed the United States for many years.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Senator John Kerry Confirmation Likely

While POTUS Obama has had problems getting some of his cabinet nominees confirmed by the U.S. Senate, it appears that Senator John Kerry will not face as much scrutiny. Honestly, despite ideological differences between Sen. Kerry and his GOP colleagues in the Congress - he is mainly liked by Republican members of the Senate.

I expect Sen. Kerry to be confirmed within a matter of a few days or weeks.

POTUS Obama Renominates Richard Cordray

President Obama renominate Richard Cordray, on Friday, to continue as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Cordray was opposed in the Senate by some Republicans who do not want to recognize the new government department he heads.

It is still not known if Cordray or anyone else will win confirmation for this new government agency.

Meet Poet Richard Blanco

Many people learned about poet Richard Bianco when he participated in the inauguration of POTUS Obama this past week in Washington. Bianco is the son of Cuban immigrants.

Lean more about this mans amazing talent and life by following the "read more" link below.

Will POTUS Obama Destroy The GOP?

There are some in political pundit circles who are claiming that President Barack Obama will bring about the end of the Republican Party. While some on the left might buy into this thinking, it is usually the own actions of a party that eventually leads to it's own demise.

That said, traditional Republicans and Tea Party activist do seem to be at eat others throats more these days than in the past.

Fly Bothers POTUS Obama During Event

Did you see the persistent fly bothering President Obama yesterday during a media event? It's very cold this weekend in Washington D.C., so the fly was probably just trying to stay alive.

That said, the President of the United States appeared to more favor the death penalty for it.

POTUS Obama To Declare Monday After Superbowl A Holiday?

Ever since President Barack Obama added a petition link to his website at there have been mostly silly ideas expressed there. However, now there is a new petition available for us to vote on and I like this one very much.

Someone recently posted a petition calling on POTUS Obama to declare the Monday after the Superbowl a national holiday. Now who could not like that idea?

POTUS Obama Gives Back During National Day Of Service

President Barack Obama and all members of his family recently participated in a national day of service. I believe in these types of programs and try to repay my blessings in life by "paying it forward" every chance I get.

If you do not regularly give back to folks less fortunate who live around you. Give it a try. It's good for the soul.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Obama & Clinton Together On 60 Minutes

Sunday night on the CBS News Magazine "60 Minutes", President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will appear together in a joint interview.

POTUS Obama has appeared many times on "60 Minutes", but I believe this is the first time he has done so with Hillary Clinton.

Immigration Reform Next For POTUS Obama

Millions of people who are living in the United States illegally have been waiting for years to have the Congress and President tackle the touchy subject of immigration reform.

According to NBC News, one of the first items on POTUS Barack Obama's agenda this year is passing comprehensive immigration reform.

POTUS & Michelle Meet Folks During Tour

President and Michelle Obama recently stopped by during a White House tour to say hello to the people.

It is very uncommon for the President and/or his wife to make a surprise visit during the tour.

Obama & NRA Prepare To Do Battle

Over the next 12-months, there will be a major battle brewing in the United States between POTUS Barack Obama and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

2nd Amendment believers have long worried that President Obama would come and take their guns. Now they believe there is proof.